You can’t really see it, this is the third snapped tree branch I’ve seen. Only half way to work. And these are no small branches. #Calgary #snow #trees

Jack Skellington Bat Bow Tie (Adults and Child Sizes)

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that Halloween is coming!!! Even if it’s snowing in Calgary right now. I know that looking for a Jack Skellington tie is hard to find, or some people have the idea to be Jack, but don’t know where to start. Here is the link to my store listing of handmade Jack Skellington ties.

Last year I had people wear them Disneyland during the Month of October, or wore it in a live musical performance of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I had a father order for his daughter’s “What’s This” ice skating performance.

Here are a couple public photos of people who ordered from me last year.


Each one is hand sewn, gives it a Sally rag doll style feel to it, each painted so they are all slightly one of a kind, they stand up on there own.

I make adult sized, which have an 18” wing span, to have a proper Jack look, as well as a child sized, which have a 12” wing span, both can be worn by adult and children, I recently sent out a child size for an woman, and an adult size for a child.

Order before October so you don’t have to rush around last minute hoping it will arrive in time. I ship worldwide!!

So I’ve been thinking lately about how so many people, if not everyone thinks privately that they wish they could be themselves in front of people, some achieve by not giving a fuck, there are ones that are too scared and just try to go unnoticed, and there are ones that pretend to be the same as everyone else.

The problem I have found is that if you are different people judge you, make fun of you, bully you. Which if you think about it, those people who are being cruel are so scared to be themselves, and hate those that are fearless.

Sadly everyone judges, even without meaning to, some are verbal and say it loud, so keep it to themselves. I’ve caught myself a few times, and I try to change those thoughts into positive thoughts.

So many people are worried what people think, that they never live.

I went out for a day, walked around my city wearing Harley Quinn half red and half black pants, HQ shirt, Converse, and no makeup. The guys that noticed me gave me compliments on the pants. But most females, gave me judgey looks, laughed as I walked by (thinking it would hurt my feelings? My pants are epic bitch!), they whispered.

The next day I went out wearing heels, a Summer dress, make up, hair done up, dressed as every girl I saw the day prior, and I still got laughs, whispers, judgey looks.

The difference in my confidence on each day, I was comfortable and happy when I was dressed weirdly in my HQ pants, and felt uncomfortable and nerves when I wore a mask to look like everyone else.

The thing I learned from that experience, is that no matter what you do, you’re going to be judged, hated, mocked, bullied, by those who are too afraid to march to their own drum.

So with that thought, FUCK WHAT EVERYONE THINKS, FUCK THE WHISPERS, THE GIGGLES, THE MOCKING. Just think, they are jealous of you, they are jealous that they can’t be as fearless as you, that they are too scared to stray from the group created by society…Which is weird, because everyone wants to be themselves, but afraid to stray, expect we all think the same, we all wish to be ourselves. Who created this thought that being different is bad? We are all different.



The extra special bonus (about the elevator scene )from the Japanese blue-ray of Captain America: the Winter Soldier  

2 more days till I can buy this dvd!!! Then I’m going to watch this movie in HIGH FUCKING DEF!!!!

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These are actually good questions.

No one ever asks me, so I’m answering them myself.
1. the person i like and why i like them. His name is Matt, because he is the sweetest and funniest guy I’ve ever met, and is so damn perfect.
2. a famous person i’ve been compared to. I don’t think I’ve ever been compared to any famous person, ever.
3. 5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex. Is this things that both genders do alike or different? (not all, but the what I’ve encountered) Guys: How they feel they have the right to cat call and think its a compliment, Look at you as a sex object, ignore that sexism exist, Think females are a weaker sex, If you don’t like their advances they insult you.
Girls: Judgement of others, high-maintenance,
Always trying to be thinner and insult you for being fat (WHEN YOU ARE NOT), using sex as a reward (then claiming men only want sex), The feminists that have no clue what feminism is about and insult men.
4. the best thing that has happened to me this week. Helped out at work on my day off, and was thanked with a unused 100ml tester bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume (I’ve been wanting it so badly)
5. weird things i do when i’m alone. Dance, sing, talk to myself…I guess they are so weird, but I don’t do them around people.
6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks. Pay off my loan, Find and buy a Good Guys Chucky Doll (before possessed), take a trip to Montreal and get a tattoo, and take a trip to Disneyland for the first time.
7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look. Like: My hair, my boobs, my legs (when in skinnys), my ears, my cheekbones. Dislike: my nose from side view, my lazy eye, my forehead, my hands, my tummy.
8. my last night out in detail. Oh god…I can not remember…Not for being to drunk to remember, but for the fact that I haven’t gone out in a long freaking time, I mean like 4 years long time.
9. something that makes me sad when i think about it. My nephew.
10. something i’ve lied about. My feelings.
11. would i rather be stranded on a desert island with someone i love for ten years or someone i hate for a month? explain why. I’d rather spend a month with someone I hated, because if I had to spend 10 years on a island alone with someone I love, There is a high chance that we would hate each other after spending too much time alone together. So the only 2 outcomes for spending a month with some I hate, I would kill them, or start liking them.
12. something i’m currently worrying about. Being 26 with no big plans for the future and worried about slowly getting to old to start a family.
13. one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck. There is no one person in particular I’d throw off a cliff, but probably any of those Tumblr users that send anonymous hate and tell people to kill themselves. Sadly I’m not really close to any of my Tumblr peeps, to answer question 2 and 3.
14. something i do without realising. Go along with Nightmare Before Christmas, I just start reciting that movie when watching it, and it’s only when people point it out do I realize.
15. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood. Hakuna Matata
16. a drunken story. When I was at a party that was hosted by my old store manager, I was going to go to Matt’s house instead of going home, because his place was walking distances, so she didn’t want me to go alone, so while intoxicated, her, another staff member, and myself ran out in rain, it was pouring so we took off our flip flops, and tried to walk through a playground that was covered in rocked, and we ran though a field that turned into mud, and the staff member yelled to look at her and she accidentally did the splits and fell into mud. Once we got to his place, I was drunk and covered in mud.
17. something i regret. Cheating on my high school sweetheart. To this day I wish I could go back and change it.
18. post a picture of myself. imageThat’s right, could have gone with a good picture, but this was too awesome to pass up.
19. my longest relationship and who it was with. Person I was officially with (gf/bf) was 2.5 years. The longest “friends that are dating” (not official gf/bf) 3.5 years and counting (I know I’m an idiot)
20. press ctrl v and post. (I think this may be my photo from above)
21. post a bit of my last IM convo. I don’t IM anyone. I only text people. And IM is more computer than phone.
22. 5 things i want to change. Change in what? Me or worldly things? Things about me: My shyness, my awkwardness, my lack of willpower, my lazyness, my money saving skills. Things in the world: Racism, Bullying, Rape culture, War, Poverty.
23. my view on being tumblr famous. I don’t see anything wrong with it, if you’ve achieved it, I tip my cup of tea to you.
24. someone i’d like to be for a day and why. That’s tough, I don’t think I would really want to be anyone else but me, I wouldn’t want to see all their private battles and issues they deal with on a daily basis, I mean, I wouldn’t want anyone to be me, I wouldn’t want them to see what I go through in my mind as well as in my daily life.
26. 5 things within touching distance. Playstation3 controller, cell phone, headphones, Star Trek into Darkness dvd box, tv controller.
27. story of my first kiss. My first kiss…I don’t really remember that far, I do know it was when I was in grade 8, and it was with my first boyfriend, but that’s it. My first French kiss..I remember that. It was right after a band rehearsal, and a bunch of us went outside to enjoy the sun, and one of them was my crush, everyone finally left, except for the two of us, we were on a bench in front of our high school (no one was in the school at the time), and he kind of leaned in for the kiss, and I just kind of went a long with it. Then about 10 minutes after, he looked at his phone and said he had to go pick up his girlfriend (and sadly yes, I knew he had a girlfriend)

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So I was writing notes to remind me things I need to do with my online store, and I wrote “For every one tie I sell, make two more” And the only think that went through my was was “Cut off one head, two shall take it’s place. HAIL HYDRA”

I think I need help.

100% proven zodiac analyses

  • aries: short-tempered kind-hearted babies
  • taurus: stubborn knucklehead cuties who are nice to everyone
  • gemini: intelligent blabber-mouths w a great sense of humor
  • cancer: over-emotional compassionate lil cupcakes
  • leo: melodramatic fun-loving fucks
  • virgo: creative whiny pissbabies who are intellectually stimulating
  • libra: ditsy carefree pacifist qts
  • scorpio: intensely emotional secretive bad bitches
  • sagittarius: honest philosophical travel-agents who don't give a fuck
  • capricorn: organized self-driven sarcastic dickheads
  • aquarius: extroverted detached open-minded freaks
  • pisces: sensitive lazyasses who are ideological + creatively stimulating